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The Structure of Love Is Indestructible




Saturday photos



More beautiful photos of The Structure of Love is Indestructible sculpture. The Saturday event was a great one. If you missed it you still have a chance to attend on Sunday! We'd love to see you.



The Olympia Debut Event Wrap Up



Thank you to everyone who could attended the debut event. And a special thank you to everyone who enodrsed, collaborated, or donated to this project.  Without your help the message of The Structure of Love Is Indestructible could not have been heard by such a large and diverse audience.


Right now the sculpture is packed up awaiting its next showing at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma, April 18 - July 13, 2014.  This debut will be part of the museum's Rendezvous Artist's Retrospective Exhibition and Art Sale.


For more info on the Tulsa debut click here




Photos of the Sculpture



Here are some photos of The Structure of Love is Indestructible sculpture inside the Harbor House. You can view it in person from 9am-closing


So come on down!



Article in The Olympian about the Sculpture Unveiling 



A wonderful front page article, by journalist John Dodge, about the sculpture and the first day of the Olympia Debut Event can be found at The Olympian website.  

Multi Colored Dove Release

Now Daily!



Due to popular demand the multi colored dove release will be happening each day in of the Olympia Debut Event in front of the Harbor House.  


Thursday - 7pm - Dove release 


Friday-Sunday - 6pm - Dove release

The Sculpture was installed at 4:30 am this morning.


You will not want to miss it at the Olympia, WA showing!

New Video!



Please take the time to watch this video made by friend of the project and journalist Alice Musabende (click to go to her page for more info). The short video focuses on the theme "Courage in Journalism".  This video will be played regularly during the debut event.

Sculpture work continues!



The steel base for The Structure of Love is Indestructible is nearing completion.  Thanks to collaborator Mike Rathke at Studio 23 Metalworks for all the great work thats been done so far.

Kickstarter campaign successful !!!



With the most recent contributions of the last week, we have met and surpassed our funding goal of $16,000.   This is a clear statement to us about the value of this sculpture -- that a community of caring people want to share The Structure of Love Is Indestructible with an even wider community.

Wonderful Media Attention



There are journalists and bloggers out there who care about The Structure of Love.   Please read what they have to say!

Design Update
Lay your eyes on our new poster promoting our upcoming debut event. 
Click here to download the pdf.
Glass Update
Sandblasting is done and the panels are off to be tempered!
Before they went out, we were able to do a test set-up with four of the eight of the panels! A big thank-you to our friends at Kell-Chuck Glass for their help today! 
Click the image at right to see the full-length picture!
Design Update
New dove design available to view!
Click image to the right to see the full panel design!

Sculpture Update
The new ascending dove design is complete and work with the etching artisans has begun!
Photos of new design coming soon!
Sculpture Update
Sandblasting on the first panels began yesterday with the help of our friends at Reflections Custom Etching
Kickstarter Update



Our Kickstarter campaign is now officially online!


$16,000 to go before fully funded!

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