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The Structure of Love

Is Indestructible


The story behind The Structure of Love 

In October of 2001, only one month after September 11th, I made a sculpture.  My motive was to honor the people from 90 different countries whose lives were lost or who were injured by the devastation of that day.  It was to be a tribute based on the iconic World Trade Center towers, but one that could be looked at and thought about for many years to come without being sensational, depressing or emphasizing vulnerable structures and mortality.  The intent of my design was to overwhelm and displace as many of the horrific and hypnotic images of that day as possible with the truth about those many lives, independent of that tragedy.  I wanted to be awestruck by 3,000 unique individuals in the fullness of their potential and life.


I titled my piece The Structure of Love Is Indestructible. My premise was that the truth of those who were labeled as victims could never be destroyed. This original 4-foot-tall glass sculpture was covered with hundreds of doves etched into the sides of a single glass tower. These flying doves represented the beauty of these individuals as their families would think about them, not just as victims of a horrific day.

Bigger sculpture, even bigger meaning

The Structure of Love Is Indestructible has grown in both size and meaning. The new sculpture will have two glass towers instead of one, each measuring 10 feet (3 meters) tall and featuring a new ascending pattern of flying doves. The glass forms will be supported by a polished stainless steel base. Glass can suggest a fragile material but in this sculpture it will also represent the "structure of love" that is "indestructible".


Between 2001 and 2013 my message also grew to embrace victims of any tragedy, not just of 9-11. I realized that in the face of any challenge, filling my thought with what was true and good about people had always been a catalyst for good communication, creative problem solving, and healing. This was an empowering message that I felt should be shared.

The inspiration for the changes in 2013 version

In my new version, I wanted to embrace all of the people affected, including those in Flight 93 over Pennsylvania and in Flight 77 in Washington D.C.  I also wanted to honor the people of the Pentagon.  How was I to do this, without complicating the simple elegance of my composition, based on the World Trade Center buildings?


The answer came to me while thinking about military families who have been enduring multiple post-9-11 deployments and life-shattering on-going losses (throughout history).  Yes, the Pentagon was hit on 9-11 and deserved visual recognition in my tribute.  But thinking about the personal losses, both before and since 9-11 experienced by the military community, made me want to embrace this community with the Structure of Love as well.  How many thousands of killed or injured soldiers from America, or from other countries, are briefly recognized for their bravery or for their service in sometimes violent deployments, but not as much for who they are independent of those experiences?  I wanted to focus my love for these people and for their families fully.


The next step has been learning that this powerful embrace "for all that is good and true about soldiers, sailors and airmen and women", is founded on a principle that applies to everyone.


For me, the "structure of love" confronts fear and tragedy in every form: ignorance, war, tornadoes, hurricanes, Boston Marathon explosions, car crashes, racism, school shootings, hand gun violence, gang violence, domestic violence, sexual violence, poor health, homelessness, hunger, addiction, multiple forms of discrimination, corruption, apathy, indifference, unemployment, poverty, being too young, too old, etc.


I believe that your support for this project will help bring to light the overwhelming goodness at the heart of humanity. 


In this picture above, my friend and world class photographer Bob Iyall, views my four foot high 2001 tribute, also titled 

The Structure of Love Is Indestructible.


The 2013 The Structure of Love Is Indestructible 

is ten feet tall.

Updates of the continuing work on 

The Structure of Love Is Indestructable 

can be found on our NEWS page!

The Structure of Love Is Indestructible (2001) at Childhood's End Gallery, Olympia, WA


To see information about a wide cariety of groups and individuals who are making The Structure of Love a realityplease 



Technical renderings of 2013

The Structure of Love Is Indestructible

These are some of the MANY great people helping make 

The Structure of Love Is Indestructible come to life!

New dove design for The Structure of Love Is Indestructible, 2013

Thank you for your interest in The Structure of Love Is IndestructibleWe hope you will continue 

to be a part of this growing experience!

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