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The Structure of Love Is Indestructible

Donation Rewards: Matteson Sculpture Stationary Sets

This series of Matteson Sculpture stationary cards, designed especially for this Kickstarter campaign, features 51 unique images of Matteson Sculpture. On the back of each card is a picture and story about how that sculpture was created and inspired! 
Each set includes 6-8 cards with envelopes, encased in a vellum belly band.

The thumbnails shown below are details from the front of each card!


Set 1: Matteson Peace Works

Set 2: Matteson Falcons Wings In 

Set 3: Matteson Falcons Wings Out

Set 4: Matteson Eagles, Owls & Hawks 

Set 5: Matteson Marble

Set 6: Matteson Birds & Hat In Various Media

Set 7: Matteson Mammals, Reptile & Fish

Thank you for supporting The Structure of Love Is Indestructible!
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