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Sara Flotree - Acting Resume

Sara Flotree Beekman                                        (360) 292-0825                                                                                                                   Height: 5' 7"      Hair: Brown       Eyes: Blue                             


   Legally Blonde                                                   Elle's Mom/D.A. Riley                          Capital Playhouse

   Oliver!                                                                 Widow Corney                                     Capital Playhouse

   Hello Dolly!                                                        Ernestina Money/Mrs. Rose              Capital Playhouse

   The Secret Garden                                           Mrs. Medlock                                       Capital Playhouse

   Into the Woods                                                 Jack's Mother                                       Capital Playhouse

   Joseph and the Amazing                                  Ensemble                                               Capital Playhouse

                Technicolor Dreamcoat

   A Little Night Music                                          Countess Charlotte Malcolm              Capital Playhouse

   Jesus Christ Superstar                                      Mary Magdalene                                  Capital Playhouse

   Scrooge                                                              Ghost of Christmas Past                      Capital Playhouse

   Antony and Cleopatra                                      Alexis/Maecenus                                 Harlequin Productions

   The Rocky Horror Show                                   Magenta                                                Harlequin Productions

   Side Show                                                           Fortune Teller                                      Capital Playhouse

   Sweeney Todd                                                   Beggar Woman                                     Capital Playhouse

   A Chorus Line                                                    Sheila                                                     Capital Playhouse

   Urinetown                                                          Josephine Strong                                                 Capital Playhouse

   City of Angels                                                     Alaura/Carla                                          Capital Playhouse

   Robin Hood                                                        Maid Marian/Narrator                        Children's Theatre Northwest

   The Boy Who Rescued the Sun                      Old Mother/Penguin/Narrator          Children's Theatre Northwest

   Charlotte's Web                                                Mrs. Zuckerman/Narrator                  Children's Theatre Northwest

   Love Letters                                                       Melissa                                                   Edge of the World Theatre

   Godspell                                                             Principal                                                Edge of the World Theatre

   Last of the Red Hot Lovers                              Bobbi Michelle                                     Edge of the World Theatre

   Two Gentlemen of Verona --                          Silvia                                                       Edge of the World Theatre

                the Musical

   My Fair Lady                                                      Eliza                                                        Main South Adult Players

   Brave Little Taylor                                             Princess                                                 Children's Theatre Northwest



   Liquor Control Board                                       Principal                                                WA Interactive Television

   Cascade Photographics -- Christmas              Principal                                                TCI Cable TV Advertising

   Cascade Photographics -- Valentines             Principal                                                KCPL Radio Station



   New City



Principal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  WA Interactive Television

   The Difficult Guest                                            Extra                                                       Media Partners

   Eden                                                                    Extra                                                  Eden Street Films



    Acting                 Advanced Camera Workshop                            Rothfield Casting, Jodi Rothfield

                                On-Camera Workshop                                        Casting by Walker & Co., Heidi Walker

                                Improvisation Workshop                                    Casting by Walker & Co., Deedra Ricketts

                                Commercial Acting Workshop                           Rothfield, Ryan & Roth, Alison Roth

    Voice                  Private Voice Training                                         Dr. Elaine Burk

                                Opera Workshop                                                 Evergreen State College, Bill Winden

    Dance                 Modern Dance                                                     Evergreen State College

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